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"Exploring the process of drawing and its intrinsic creativity is central to my artistic practice"
David Bixter

A Creative Underground project, in collaboration with Rebecca Ainsworth, Claire Weetman, and Buzz Hub

Development of sound drawing concepts and audience interaction. The drawings and resulting audio were combined to create live kaleidoscopic digial drawings at Fact Studio/Lab.

Series of prints created with carbon impressions of a copper wire. The process generated soundscape is based on the shape of the wire and interactions with a theremin. Each impression distorts the shape of the wire and subsequently alters the sound. The full series of 25 prints was created for 20:20 Print Exchange, in association with Platform Studios

A series of artworks and soundscapes created using a Theremin - an electronic instrument played with movements, and other unconventional electronic instruments. Accompanying workshops explore the science of sound through an expressive multi-sensory creative process.

Through The Window, St Helens

This series of workshops used the concept of windows to explore different views and perspectives of St Helens, while focusing on the use of drawing as a tool for creative exploration and enhancing students' resilience.

The project, funded by CulturEd - St Helens' Local Cultural Education Partnership, was delivered in 11 schools in St. Helens, incorporating Family workshops and CPD sessions for staff.

Lansbury Bridge, St Helens

Workshops delivered over a number of weeks exploring themes of perspective, the built environment and sense of place. Amoung the artwork produced during these sessions were mutli-layered collaborative drawings which also introduced participants to concepts and processes of abstraction.

Gilmour Infants, Liverpool

Working with Gilmour Infants over a number of years, a series of artworks was produced from large-scale wall murals - using collage and drawing onto projections - to colourful, Miro-inspired framed works hung around the school and headteacher's office.

Mosspits Lane Infants, Liverpool

Digitally printed mural developed from a series of workshops focusing on cultural identity and exploring pupils' sense of self. In another workshop, pupils produced an artwork using coloured cotton and ceramic tiles.

These drawings are the result of processes investigating repeated movements and chance, as well as the expression of an unseen form.

Artwork based on lettering from the gate of Sutton Manor Colliery, site of St Helen's "Dream" statue. The blocks artwork was commissioned to raise awareness of the launch of the public consultation exhibition for the project.

David Bixter curated an exhibition showcasing the outputs and visualisations of concepts for sculptures developed through public consultation sessions.

Artwork incorporates collages and poetry based on young people's aspirations for the Marybone area of central Liverpool. Created in partnership with the artist Claire Weetman and the poet and writer Ed Bixter.

The artwork features photographs of architecturally significant buildings taken on a walk around Liverpool city centre. The photographs and illustrations of the buildings were printed onto boards and displayed by school children during a launch event at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.