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Whatever your creative project, David Bixter Design can provide a unique and creative service tailoured to your needs. Check out recent projects below, or follow links for more information.

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A Creative Underground project, in collaboration with Rebecca Ainsworth, Claire Weetman, and Buzz Hub

The artwork is based on the theme "To the Sea, To the Sea" - the children used archive maps as the inspiration for their wax pencil and ink drawings on fabric. The sail combines these individual drawings which explore the different shorelines along the River Dee. Details can be found of the Chester Contemporary website

Commissioned to create an online educational resource for "Celebrating Halton's Heritage", a Heritage Lottery funded project by Heritage HQ and Halton Borough Council. A series of in-person and online CPD sessions accompanied the resources.

Workshop participants create a play-doh shape to represent their selected sound. Using music technology, the play-doh is transformed into a custom musical instrument, with participants' own sounds being played when striking the shapes.

Two teams compete to get the musical Odd Ball across the opposition's goal-line using pencils on sticks. The resulting drawing is full of purposeful marks illustrating the attacking and defensive movements of competition.
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Audio of a laser being fired on Mars is used to set the tempo of the piece. The abstract visuals in the video were created in response to the music. Information about NASA's Mars mission can be found here at mars.nasa.gov

Field recordings and handpan: Rebecca Ainsworth

Piano: David Bixter

Rebecca Ainsworth & David Bixter · Handpan Collaboration Concept

Series of prints created with carbon impressions of a copper wire. The process generated soundscape is based on the shape of the wire and interactions with a theremin. Each impression distorts the shape of the wire and subsequently alters the sound. The full series of 25 prints was created for 20:20 Print Exchange, in association with Platform Studios

A series of artworks and soundscapes created using a Theremin - an electronic instrument played with movements, and other unconventional electronic instruments. Accompanying workshops explore the science of sound through an expressive multi-sensory creative process.

Through The Window, St Helens

This series of workshops used the concept of windows to explore different views and perspectives of St Helens, while focusing on the use of drawing as a tool for creative exploration and enhancing students' resilience.

The project, funded by CulturEd - St Helens' Local Cultural Education Partnership, was delivered in 11 schools in St. Helens, incorporating Family workshops and CPD sessions for staff.

Lansbury Bridge, St Helens

Workshops delivered over a number of weeks exploring themes of perspective, the built environment and sense of place. Amoung the artwork produced during these sessions were mutli-layered collaborative drawings which also introduced participants to concepts and processes of abstraction.

Gilmour Infants, Liverpool

Working with Gilmour Infants over a number of years, a series of artworks was produced from large-scale wall murals - using collage and drawing onto projections - to colourful, Miro-inspired framed works hung around the school and headteacher's office.

Mosspits Lane Infants, Liverpool

Digitally printed mural developed from a series of workshops focusing on cultural identity and exploring pupils' sense of self. In another workshop, pupils produced an artwork using coloured cotton and ceramic tiles.

Commissioned by the University of Liverpool Institute for Irish Studies to create graphics and visualisations for an opinion poll in The Irish News.

The logo design represents the irregular stonework prevalent in the architecture of the heritage centre and the surrounding area.

Liverpool St Helens Heritage Project comissioned an online educational resource pack in order to increase engagement with schools. The activities in the pack were designed to focus on specific National Curriculum targets and provide cross-curricular links with the project exhibition and archive. Two versions of the resource pack were created: A printed copy that was distributed to all primary schools in St. Helens - click here to view the printed version (4.8MB) - and a web-based resource pack with all activities available as printer-friendly PDFs. click here to view the web-based resource pack.

Commissioned by Artist Robyn Woolston to create vector graphic illustrations based on artworks created in her workshops. The floor graphics were installed in Barrhead Park, Glasgow.

The timeline artwork incorporates images from St Helens archive, in addition to photography and original illustrations. To accompany the artwork, a school activity pack and teacher's resource pack were produced. These were provided to school groups visiting Saints Rugby Club at Langtree Park, St Helens.

Sessions explored expressive drawing techniques and incorporated innovative and adaptable uses for new technology in the classroom. Emphasis on developing students' resilience and the positive impact of drawing and creativity on wellbeing.

"I’m looking forward to using these ideas with my students - particularly the large collaborative work"

"Brilliant, very informative and changed my outlook on art"

CulturEd Logo

Logo and brand concept for CulturEd: St Helens Cultural Education Partnership.